Children's Home Society of Florida Visitation Support Worker in Panama City, Florida

Founded in 1902 to care for orphans, CHS is now among the oldest, largest and most respected private nonprofits serving children and families. Expanding from early roots in adoption and foster care, CHS offers an array of specialized services designed to nurture children and grow families. Last year, CHS delivered hope to more than 139,000 children and adults.

PROGRAM NAME: Family Visitation Center

OBJECTIVE: To facilitate, monitor and document family visits and oversee monitored exchanges in a Family Visitation Center.


  • Impartially observe the contact between the non-residential parent/guardian

    and the child(ren) and document such observations. Facilitate, intervene and

    terminate a visit, as necessary.

  • Maintain appropriate and ongoing communication with attorneys, the

    Guardian Ad Litem, the courts and other concerned parties to oversee

    effective and efficient service delivery through collaboration.

  • Oversee that the visit rooms are neatly maintained and safe for visits.

  • Facilitate and assist in the orientation of families to the visitation center and

    the procedures for visits prior to the initial visitation.

  • Set up a visitation plan with each family utilizing the center.

  • Set visitation schedules for families.

  • Assist in program data collection and data entry to maintain the CIS and

    Clearinghouse data bases.

  • Complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports as required.

  • Attend court hearings and dispositions as requested and serve as record

    custodian for visits supervised.

  • Assist with initial and ongoing training for staff, utilizing a team approach in

    skills building for working with at-risk clients.

  • Assist with individual staffings that address case reviews with the supervisor.

  • Report incidents and accidents within required timeframes to keep with

    organization policy and procedures.

  • Assist with special events/projects that enhance the operations of the

    visitation center.

  • Participate in the quality improvement process.

This list of essential functions is not intended to be exhaustive. Children's Home Society of Florida reserves the right to revise this job description as needed to comply with actual job requirements.


  • High school diploma or GED

  • Two years of experience working with children/families

  • Florida Driver's License within 30 days from hire


  • Ability to handle confidential information appropriately

  • Effective verbal and written skills

  • Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends

  • Ability to set appropriate limits and boundaries with clients

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Ability to observe and report accurately on the interaction between the child

    and the non-residential parent/guardian Ability to intervene decisively when

    necessary to protect clients

  • Ability to handle emergencies and life threatening situations effectively

  • Ability to handle stressful situations

  • Computer skills sufficient to perform all essential functions

  • Awareness of socio-cultural characteristics of service population

  • Excellent listening skills


NEEDED: bending/stooping, carrying, driving, lifting, pushing/pulling, reaching, sitting, standing, walking

PREFERRED: climbing, crawling/crouching, kneeling, repetitive standing

ID: 2018-3516

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